Moldavian English grammar teachers Sunday, Nov 10 2013 

Pre-intermediate student: I had been to Annenii Noi this weekend…

Teacher:…. ………..ehhhhh….[why did this kid use the past perfect?]

P.Int student…I’m sure I impressed him…with my use of past perfect

Teacher…..Who the FFFF….drilled him Past perfect?????

 Teaching English in Moldova is no easy thing.Sadly many kids come to me using the past perfect because some teacher has decided to teach it at elementary. I remember at one school here elementary students studying the future perfect….can you imagine it? Well…that’s real. Instead teach kids at pre intermediate level not to just say I like….maybe I love…I really like….I soooooh like….would be a lot more useful…don’t you think?

CHRISTMAS …NEW YEAR CHAMPAGNE!!! Wednesday, Jan 13 2010 

Recommendations in Chisinau As a winemaker i always believe everytime you make wine you should remember and think about the moment of consumption. The actual winemakers job is to give any occassion some special magic or memory or just make a party go with a bang….Sadly and very often too much crap is bottled…especially at Bulboaca….which when opened ruins a party or special occassion and the memory and happiness of life…Moldovans being quite stoic will say ”oh well” [probably because they dont know better] and swallow the sugary soloution….and quickly get back to their village wine or cognac….and WHO can blame them? This brings to my point that champagne always has the best of those moments in peoples memories and so extra care should be taken in choosing it and finding a winemaker who puts real care into making it! (more…)


Hello to my new readers…great minds think alike so i hope the title will mean we agree on what are the most important things in life. Now my theory on the mysterious effect that Moldovan wine has on us guys, would be my idea to relaunch Moldovan wine on the world stage after the wreckage left behind from the former goverment.